As far as I know I have allways liked to draw. Funny characters and fantastic creatures could just grow out of the white paper and a little ink. From my earliest days on I have keept my drawings and later also paintings requiring a lot of space and a lot of boxes and folders. In fact for some years now I have kept some of my old drawers from my childhood tables in the cellar just for this purpose, but it has allways been a problem to show people my old works as I wouldnt know where to start. Today this is easier – so here is my hidden drawer of paintings, drawings, and so on. At the moment they only go back 2005, but stay tuned. On these pages you will also find updates on projects like book illustration, posters, exhibitions etc.
I hope you will find interest in my creations and if you do please leave a comment.
Brian Dall Schyth                         

The wounded city


The wounded city (fall 2014) is one of many drawings made for ongoing projects with Kenneth Krabat. Acrylic and pen on paper.


Tidens Kælven


Frontpage and illustrations for the book “Tidens Kælven 1″ by author Kenneth Krabat. Illustrations were made by wood cut prints using black acrylic paint on paper. Prints were later drawn on with ink. Published at Se, sne! 2013.

Digterpapegøjens sang


Frontpage drawing in lead and ink for the book “Digterpapegeøjens sang” (The song of the poet parrot) by the Danish-Iranian author and poet Arash Sharifzadeh Abdi. Published at Det Poetiske Bureau, 2012.

Oppenheimers eftermiddag 2009

OE_2_A4_300dpiscan_46&209       Oppenheimers side 1

Poster for the Music festival “Oppenheimers Eftermiddag 2009″ held in Voxhall, Århus. Acrylic and pen.

Titler – Det Poetiske Bureaus Antologi 2009


Illustration from the anthology ´Titler´ for the poem “Gratis Mad” by Kenneth Krabat (Poetiske Bureau, Cph, 2009). In this drawing I try to confront the active versus the passive illustrated by being hidden under the carpet on the back of the horse – the active element. This also refers to the first line of the poem “The man under the carpet..” which is a strong picture I believe used by the author to evoke this emotion of passiveness in the reader. The anthology ´Titler´ can be bought at SAXO bookshop: http://www.saxo.com/dk/item/anto-logi-titler-paperback.aspx?publisherid=87044